Cohesive Ties!!!


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Follow this link to complete the activity for our cohesive ties lesson!





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Hello parents!

As we have been working on test wise behaviours and the genre of test, we are coming into the home stretch of preparation for NAPLAN. It might be useful for students to look at a couple of practise tests over the weekend if they feel they would like to. NAPLAN takes a snapshot of student learning from foundation until the beginning of year 3- please keep this in mind when talking about it with your child. Nerves for some students will be normal but we have worked hard to help students feel calm and prepared.

Please be assured that after our preparation session today, students are feeling ready and confident to have a go!


The 3/4 teaching team @ MPPS


Homophone Lesson


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Visit this site to practice your knowledge of homophones!



Weekend Homework!


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Hi grade 3/4 B,

Remember to finish off any of the incomplete HOTmaths tasks from your holiday homework. They will be open until the end of this weekend so be sure to finish them off!

Also a quick note to the year 4 students… remember to make a list of the features that you think are important when constructing a blog. To see some examples of blogs, visit the recent post on Lee’s blog.

Have a great weekend!


Homework 2017


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This year we have established the following guidelines and expectations around 3/4 student’s homework.

Students need to

  • READ for at least 30 minutes every night. Book titles need to be recorded on the title tally list in student’s homework books.
  • One summary per week about the book that students are currently reading.
  • Select one new word from their just right book to investigate,in order to expand their vocabulary. The     outline of the aspects of the word they need to investigate is added below.
  • Expanding Our Vocabulary Homework outline-1dsn26y
  • HOTmaths tasks will be given every couple of weeks. Students will be told when a task is “live”. Students can go onto HOTmaths to revise at anytime by navigating the website.
  • Homework should be handed in on Fridays and books will be returned on Mondays.

Vocabulary Homework


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Vocabulary homework.

Starting week three you are all expected to investigate new words for homework. Over the last few days we have learnt how this activity is to be completed. The word collection is to occur during personal reading sessions where you should  record unfamiliar and interesting words. Then all you need to do is follow the Vocabulary sample in your homework book. Remember, the slip on the front cover of the homework book is not an example of how homework should be laid out it is to unpack any unfamiliar words. If you’re not too sure about the meaning of these words we will also be learning about them in class over the next term. Below is a detailed list of the areas that need to be covered for one word each week.

Happy word hunting!!


Homework Vocabulary Sample

Year 3/4 Handbook


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3-4 Handbook-1fj486g



Attached is the year 3/4 handbook. This handbook includes details relating to the school year. This document will be presented at the information session this evening, but if you can’t make it for whatever reason, please read through this handout to familiarise yourself with the various aspects of your child’s school year.



Welcome to our Classroom Community


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Hello and welcome to 3 / 4 B and the AMAZING EXPANDING MINDS BLOG!!

I am so happy that we have so many amazing expanding minds in our classroom! We will use this online space to COMMUNICATE, INVESTIGATE and QUESTION our thinking around OUR CLASSROOM and THE REAL WORLD! If you have never used a blog site before, that’s okay because we will be learning all about blogs to understand their function and purpose. We will be posting things as a class and I will also be putting up some handy information that you may need to access at home.

Once more welcome to the class blog.

Watch this space!


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