Daily Archives: October 22, 2020

Digits House

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  1. A group of students were planning an outdoor camp. As they were online shopping, they found a great bargain for tents that hold 5 people. If there are 35 students going camping, how many tents will the students need?
  2. The 3/4 teachers were planning an excursion to Luna Park. They hired one mini bus that could take 12  passengers. If there were 132 students in 3/4, how many trips would the mini bus have to do to get all the students to Luna Park?
  3. Stef was making Halloween decorations, she using a green ribbon to make bows for her pumpkins. For each bow she needed 7 cm of ribbon. How many bows would she be able to make if her green ribbon was 63 cm long?

Arrays with House

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Christine was organising some supplies in the art room.

She had thirty six new pencils, and wanted to share them between six pencil cups. How many in each cup?

She had twenty eight new bottles of paint, and wanted to share them between the four shelves in the cupboard. How many should she put on each shelf?

She found that all of the pastels had been tipped out of their boxes. Each box can fit nine pastels in them, and she had twenty seven pastels altogether. How many boxes will she need?

Shared Between

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The school chickens laid 24 eggs. There were 3 nests, that all had the same number of eggs. How many eggs were in each nest?


Sasha had 36 ooshies. He shared them out between 4  friends. How many did each friend get?


Jenny had 18 new coloured pencils. She shared them out into 6 caddies. How many were in each caddie?