Daily Archives: October 6, 2020

Reading – Wednesday

Today you will be working in your small group with me!

Please make sure you come to the small group session with your reading book and a pencil.

Writing – Wednesday

Learning Goal: I can write a concrete poem.

First, choose an object to be the subject for your poem.

(It could be your favourite hobby, your favourite animal, food, sport, person or thing)

Then, draw a simple outline of its shape in your exercise book.

I chose a book.

Next, Use the prompts below to come up with ideas for your concrete poem try and be as descriptive as possible.

  1. Why did you choose this object?
  2. How does this object make you feel?
  3. Why does it make you feel this way?
  4. What does this object look like?
  5. What does  this object smell/taste like?
  6. What does it feel like?

Then, highlight or underline all the important words in your sentences.

Finally, write the highlighted words on the outline of the shape you previously drew.

After the lesson, do 20 minutes of touch typing.

Maths – Wednesday

Learning Goal: I can solve addition and subtraction problems.

First, go to your maths group page and watch the video to play your maths game for today.

Blue group

Green group

Orange group

Purple group

Red group

After this lesson, practise your skip counting patterns for 3 minutes.

Integrated Studies – Wednesday

Learning Goal: I can identify the difference between night and day.

First, look at these two pictures taken in your local area;

List 5 things that you notice, they can be things that are similar or different in the pictures above.

Next watch the video on day and night to find out how these work.

Microsoft Stream

Finally, draw what you have learned by including these words in your diagram

Sun, Moon, Earth, Axis, Rotation.

Physical Activity – Wednesday

Don’t forget to take some time to do some physical activity!

Visit the 30 minutes workout page HERE.