Daily Archives: October 5, 2020

Reading – Tuesday

Learning Goal: I can respond to a persuasive text

Today you are going to summarize and review a persuasive text.

Click on the link below to go to your group’s lesson for today:

Blue group

Green group

Orange group

Purple group

Red group

Writing – SMALL GROUP – Tuesday

Learning Goal: I can write a persuasive text.

First, today in your small group you are going to discuss ideas and plan a persuasive text.

After the lesson: Find some time today to do 20 minutes of personal writing. (Use one of your workbooks as a personal writing book.)

Maths – Tuesday

Learning Goal: I can demonstrate my understanding of place value.

First, draw these grids into your book:

Next, play the video and follow the instructions:


Online two ten sided dice (0-9) link: https://mathsstarters.net/dice/

Now, go to your maths group page and complete the activity.

ITALIAN- Tuesday

For today’s Italian lesson click on the link below to Nancy’s Italian blog to see what she has planned for you today.

Remember you can comment on the blog post or send Nancy an email.

If you put pictures or work in your Italian section of the class notebook, remember to press ‘Share’ and type in Nancy’s email so that she can see your work.

You can also choose to visit her WebEx room at 2:00 pm on Thursday if you would like to ask her a question or share something with her. Make sure you are on time!

Click here if you need more information about how to stay in touch with the specialist teachers.

Physical Activity- Tuesday

Don’t forget to take some time to do some physical activity!

Visit the 30 minutes workout page HERE.