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Hi 3/4B!

We start our normal groups tomorrow but today we will have a WHOLE CLASS MEETING at 9AM!

Bring your best holiday story to share with the class!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all there!



Reading – Monday

Learning Goal: I can respond to a picture story book.

First, listen and read along to the book ‘The Book with No Pictures‘ by BJ Novak

Microsoft Stream

Then, we know this book had no pictures. Today your job is to draw pictures for one of the pages. There are 3 pages below, choose one page to illustrate, or you can choose them all!


Now, can you create an new page for this book.

BJ Novak uses lots of nonsense words, and uses colour to make these words stand out.

Get creative and try and think of some silly words and things you can get adults to say!

Writing – Monday

Learning Goal: I can write a fictional recount.

We just had two weeks of school holidays. I know lots of people like to go away, visit friends, go to the movies or have play dates. This school holidays were a little different. So today we are going to recount about our holidays…with a twist!

Imagine you could have travelled anywhere during the school holidays! You are going to write a fictional recount telling your teacher about the best school holidays you ever had…but you have to make it up! Time to get creative!

First, answer these questions to help you plan. Remember this is fictional recount, so you can do or go anywhere you like!






Next, start to write your recount. Below is an example.

Then, check your writing for the following things::

  • Use upper and lower case letters correctly
  • Neat handwriting
  • Punctuation – full stops, exclamation and question marks, talking marks if people are speaking.
  • Spelling – check common words and think carefully about unknown words
  • Paragraphs to break up your writing

Now, if you can publish your story and post it on the Class Notebook.

Maths – Monday

Learning Goal: I can go on a maths scavenger hunt.

First, today you are going to go on a scavenger hunt around your house. Before you begin, make sure you have these materials.

  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Scales

Next, you are going for a hunt around your house to find 12 different objects. When you have found your objects, take a photo of them.

Maths Scavenger Hunt

Then, once you have found all 12 objects, create a PowerPoint with all the objects you found!

Counting Counts!

After you have finished your PowerPoint, set a timer for 1 minute and practise your skip counting or multiplication facts!

P.E. – Monday

Monday is your P.E. lesson day during remote learning. Head to Emma’s P.E. blog to find out about today’s lesson. Remember you can leave her a comment on her blog to say hello or share your thoughts on the lesson. Stay active!

Emma’s P.E. Blog

Remember you can comment on the blog post or send Emma an email.

If you put pictures or work in your P.E. section of the class notebook, remember to press ‘Share’ and type in Emma’s email so that she can see your work.

You can also choose to visit her WebEx room at 2:00 pm today if you would like to ask her a question or share something with her. Make sure you are on time!

Click here if you need more information about how to stay in touch with the specialist teachers.

Physical Activity

Don’t forget to take some time to do some physical activity!

Visit the 30 minutes workout page HERE.